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Item title ID Description Location Salary
Waiter / Waitress (BB) – 414h 414h

Hospitality and tourism company is seeking Waiter/Waitress that will ensure all food and beverage items served to guests are of the highest standard and presentation. Ensure cleanliness of bar, tables, chairs, floor and general equipment.

Rio Grande
Chemist (CLS) – 400s 400s

Company of chemical industry is seeking a Chemist that will perform and certify tests  to petroleum products.

Guayanilla $12.00
Budget Specialist (FM) – 348a 348a

Company of health plans is seeking a Budget Specialist to manage budgets and audits.

Guaynabo $10.00 p/h
Monitoring Auxiliary (PP3) - 57O 57O

Company working with elderly people seeking Monitoring Assistant responsible for following up on the issues related to the elderly population, and even refer them to appropriate agencies or companies.

Host - 169h 169h

Company dedicated to tourism is seeking for a Host responsible to receive the visits of tourists by sea and / or air. Provide direction and general tourist spots on the island. Part-time work.

San Juan $7.25
Sales Call Center (E) – 161S 161S

Company dedicated to advertising is seeking for Sales Call Center staff to promote sales and customer service by call way simultaneously. Must maintain customer interest until close the sale and / or satisfy their needs.

Guaynabo $8.34 p/h